Monday, July 27, 2009

Burn down their house

Take all their food
Everything they do is stupid
Incompetent and rude

Take away their possessions
Take away their land
They never stood their ground
They have no other plan

Other than blathering and lathering
From the foaming mouths of fools
Throw the bitches in the ditches
Use their bodies as fuel

The new modern man
Is neither modern or a man
They sell their heritage bit by bit
Till it turns around and takes their hand

And leads them back into times
When Medieval ruled the world
They sell out all their brave young knights
And auction off all their fair young girls

Till freedom calls once again
To storm the ramparts of the vain
Who think that their weakness
Will not bring about a new reign

Born out of blood and battle
Born out of the strength to rise
To bear once again the vow
That nobility and honor seek

No compromise

8:44 pm
transcribed this time
8:54 pm

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