Tuesday, October 02, 2007

By your deeds

The Sun and Moon know you by your moving shadow
Intelligence knows you more the more you understand
But The Sons of Valhalla will always know you
Always know you by your deeds........watchman

written a couple of days ago..
transcribed this time
9:02 pm

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Will it come to blows


Blows and throws

And eye jabs
And head butts
Right crosses to the forehead
That leaves a cut

It'll come down to foot sweeps
Wrist locks and broken jaws
Elbows and mouths bleeding
From being broken open and raw

It'll come down to leg kicks
That separate tissue from bone
It'll come down to fists
Smashing into faces like stone

Because the talk talk talk talk
Crazy appeasing kind
Have sold out their souls and
Have completely lost their minds

They're unrelenting in their arrogance
Their audacity is loose like a snake
They have no honor or integrity
They love to set up abandon and forsake

That's why it all comes down to blood
That's why it all comes down to pain
Because the stupid selfish and immoral
Always think it's some kind of game

And only trauma and death shock them
And by that I mean their own
Any other sacrifices being made
Have no affect on their hearts of stone

They are the sickening no values weak
Who seek out tyranny's power and reign
And they will never ever stop until you
Slit their throats or blow out their brains

11:15 pm
transcribed this time
12:17 am


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh we’re intervening intervening intervening

Oh yes

Oh we're intervening intervening intervening
In sick stupid Islamo facisms promoting slaughter
That offers up it's young sons to suicide and
Stonings clitorechtomies and honor killings for their daughters

There's not a muslim country out there innocent
And that especially includes Syria and Achmini-jihad's Iran
That doesn't give them a thousand reasons to die
But not many to be a joyful productive woman or man

They've been crazy for centuries and out for blood
And lookin for any infidel to blame condemn and attack
Oh yes but it must be our intervening intervening intervening
And that we have decided that we will stand and fight back

But there is no part of we that in any way includes you
If you're speaking of the home of the brave and free
And all those who would do what is necessary to
Survive and continue on with justice and sacred liberty

It couldn't be those crazy imams and their fatwa’s
Or Wahabbism pushing hate in every uttered breath
It couldn't be that rabid psychotic worship of an evil
That creates all this continual lust for torture pain and death

It must be the intervening intervening intervening
That accounts for riots over cartoons and killing
Of any who dare to speak anything but praise about
Mohammed's child molestations and 72 virgins

As being anything but thrilling

But there is no part of we that in any way includes you
If you're speaking of the home of the brave and free
And all those who would do what is necessary to
Survive and continue on with justice and sacred liberty

You say don't give them a common enemy
But your craven twisted appeal to moral equivalency
Only lends concession to their mad obsessions
And that makes you clearly on their side

To me

12:55 pm

Friday, May 18, 2007

Never apologize to the ignorant

Never apologize to the perpetualy insulted
Never apologize to the self inflicted lame
Never apologize to the holy victim club
And their trade mark hyper sensitivity to names

They love to play the losers
That are outraged to the core
While simultaneously romance dancing
With psychos whackos and whores

You could grovel crawl and beg
You could do it all night and day
You could do it till the cows came home
But they'll never be satisfied anyway

They're the crazies of the new world
The want the civilized dead
They're the ones whose feet are in the air
Negotiating fate in the enemy's bed

Never apologize to the slave mentality
That asks you to take a bended knee
They'll only want you to bow your head
So they can cut your throat

And slaughter the dreams of liberty

9:50 am
transcribed this time
with corrections added
6:32 pm