Friday, May 18, 2007

Never apologize to the ignorant

Never apologize to the perpetualy insulted
Never apologize to the self inflicted lame
Never apologize to the holy victim club
And their trade mark hyper sensitivity to names

They love to play the losers
That are outraged to the core
While simultaneously romance dancing
With psychos whackos and whores

You could grovel crawl and beg
You could do it all night and day
You could do it till the cows came home
But they'll never be satisfied anyway

They're the crazies of the new world
The want the civilized dead
They're the ones whose feet are in the air
Negotiating fate in the enemy's bed

Never apologize to the slave mentality
That asks you to take a bended knee
They'll only want you to bow your head
So they can cut your throat

And slaughter the dreams of liberty

9:50 am
transcribed this time
with corrections added
6:32 pm


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