Sunday, September 16, 2007

Will it come to blows


Blows and throws

And eye jabs
And head butts
Right crosses to the forehead
That leaves a cut

It'll come down to foot sweeps
Wrist locks and broken jaws
Elbows and mouths bleeding
From being broken open and raw

It'll come down to leg kicks
That separate tissue from bone
It'll come down to fists
Smashing into faces like stone

Because the talk talk talk talk
Crazy appeasing kind
Have sold out their souls and
Have completely lost their minds

They're unrelenting in their arrogance
Their audacity is loose like a snake
They have no honor or integrity
They love to set up abandon and forsake

That's why it all comes down to blood
That's why it all comes down to pain
Because the stupid selfish and immoral
Always think it's some kind of game

And only trauma and death shock them
And by that I mean their own
Any other sacrifices being made
Have no affect on their hearts of stone

They are the sickening no values weak
Who seek out tyranny's power and reign
And they will never ever stop until you
Slit their throats or blow out their brains

11:15 pm
transcribed this time
12:17 am