Friday, September 03, 2010

Raven Guard

Oh to be on a sniper team

Taking out the cartel scum
Moving in and out amongst them
And through stealth

Getting the job done

Give me a good ol fifty
Or a reliable 308
I'll be their travel guide counselor
Sending them to the Pearly Gates

I'll put one in their chest
I will blow out their brains
I will do it as one of the best
In the ice and sleet heat or rain

I'll hunt them in the parks
In the brush the trees the hills
I'll do it with a predators heart
I'll do it with an iron will

I will be patience itself moving
I will put them to the ground
I will give them no place to run to
I will do it without a sound

I will do it in the day time
I will do it in the night
I will do it like the wolf
On the steppes beneath

The blood read streaming moon light

11:50 am
transcribed this time
11:57 am


Saturday, May 08, 2010


And then

There are the fools that figure
That all is forgotten or forgiven if enough time has past
They get to decide when it starts they get to decide
When it ends and how much time inbetween it will last

But you will not force your mediocrity on me
You will not push on me your meek disgusting kindness
All is well down in the depths of Hell
Where the only price is asked is your voluntary blindness

I will not surrender my only lonely soul
Nor will I ignore the bleak and empty sky
Desolation road calls out to me
And it does not do so with seductive lies

There is no bargain to be made with the divine
There is no exchange for aching pain
I've earned it I've earned all of it and more
Solitude alone knows my secret name

And laughs with me past the tears and shame
While others seek to adorn themselves with pride
My interaction with others is by my own choosing
In this life and beyond it is my spirit that will decide

Ride with me across the exploding stars
On an eight legged horse
Together or alone in a long boat burning
Share with me Valhalla's course

9:17 pm
transcribed this time
10:14 pm