Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When you are a Socialist
You are willing to do anything

You'll open the borders wide
You'll openly give away guns
While counting on your political enemy
To remain ineffective numb and dumb

Military recruits can wear Hijabs
Muslims can pray in school
Christmas can be cancelled
Because of a leadership of fools

When you are a socialist
You are will to do anything

You will steal money
Right in front of everybody's face
You can go to the Church of
God Damn America

And still claim the name of grace

You can get border agents killed
And no one will lay on a hand
Because you might whisper racist
And none will dare to take a stand

You can take out all of the military
Out of Iraq after 8 long years
And never ever have to account
For the blood slaughter daughters

Born into tears and fears

That your generals warned you about
If a contingency wasn't left behind
To stop the vacumn effect
The Cambodian Killing Fields come to mind

But thank goodness it's only Christians
And everybody knows they don't count anymore
Every good Jihadist and Iranian operative
Will tell you all their women are whores

You can give the Muslim Brotherhood
Absolute Control
And take 17 day long vacations
Casually doing the stroll of no soul

While the media sucks
The hym of your dress at your knees
Major press conferences will never
Question you only bow kowtow and say please

Tell us of your great love of Michelle
While Solyndra hangs outside
Like a deer killed out of season
And it's robber killer thief sits there

Face all a glow with pride

12:09 pm
transcribed this time
9:50 am