Saturday, March 07, 2009


The time is coming for
Bushmaster M-4 A 3's
The time is coming to pay
The price again for liberty

How about an Aimpoint
With a roll up 3 X
Sometime the answer
Is simple and direct

Buy yourself some rounds
And invest in a vest
Get at least 20 magazines
And step to the test

Once you're prepared
You can kind of relax
Think outside the box
But do watch your back

Because sure as Hell
It's comin hard down the line
It's not a matter of if
It's a matter of time


They’re incompetent and crazy
They're communist and liars
They're fanatic and empowered
They’ve got a belly full of fire

They're greedy and gluttonous
They know no shame
They speak with serpent’s tongues
And on your soul lay their claim

It's coming like a whirlwind
Like a plague in the dust
They feed off honor and integrity
And manipulate to get your trust

Ahh yess they speak in spells
Their words they rearrange
They love their pride and anger
And envy has them all deranged

But that does not mean we run
That does not mean we do not care
But when the storms of disaster gather
It is only fools who do not prepare

8:52 pm
transcribed this time
6:50 pm


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